Building Bridges

Emily Kearney, MA, BCBA, LBA

Emily Kearney, MA, BCBA, LBA

Emily Kearney

Emily has worked in the ABA field since 1999 using evidence-based practices with children and their families in homes, schools and the community. She received her master’s degree in special education from Sonoma State University in 2008, focusing on using ABA to increase prelinguistic communication among young children with atypical language development. When she lived in California, she used operant conditioning to train rehabilitated but unreleasable water birds permanently housed at a wildlife hospital.

Since joining the Building Bridges team in 2009, Emily completed the advanced ABA coursework at Florida Institute of Technology and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a licensed behavior analyst in the state of Oregon. She is interested in generative learning and Relational Frame Theory, especially as they relate to children with emerging verbal repertoires.

In her spare time Emily is on the board of the Oregon Association for Behavior Analysis, and enjoys running, reading, knitting and modern art.