Building Bridges


Frequently asked questions


Are you a school?

Building Bridges is a medical clinic. Insurance companies often cover ABA therapy, with an autism diagnosis, but they do not cover academic services.



Do you diagnose autism?

We do not provide diagnostic services. If your child does not currently have a medical diagnosis and you would like to access insurance funding for our services, there are several clinics and practitioners in the Portland Metro area that provided autism assessment and diagnosis. Please call us for referrals. 



What ages do you serve?

Children start therapy at Building Bridges by the age of five, but continue to access services as they transition into elementary school. 



Do you have a summer program?

We offer the same therapy programs all year. We do not follow an academic calendar. 



Do you have a wait list?

We offer services to children who will best fit our programs. We do not currently maintain a wait list. However, it usually takes 3-9 months to start therapy. 



What services do you provide?

We provide 1:1 ABA therapy, Social Skills Groups, and Parent Training. 



Do you take insurance?

Yes, we work with most major insurance providers.



What distinguishes BB from other programs?

 We use custom tailored programs and scientifically-proven techniques to help children succeed in the home, classroom, and community. Our team of therapists understand that your child is unique and are committed to helping your child reach his or her full potential.